World Vision Cambodia-International (WVI-C) is an international Christian relief and development organization working to promote the well-being of all people, and especially children. World Vision International-Cambodia seeks to serve poor people worldwide, regardless of race, religion, or ethnic origin. VisionFund Cambodia has been working in close strategic partnership with WVC since the 1990’s. VisionFund Cambodia delivers financial services, while in the meantime WVI-C Area Development Programs (ADPs) manage social safety programs and or/ projects, such as food and water security, education, health, peace and justice, and HIV/AIDS. As of December 2014, we have had 32,640 clients, who are the beneficiaries of WVI-C using the loan for various income generating activities to improve the lives of their children and families and depositing the cash of their savings groups with VisionFund Cambodia as part of securing it and for their interest income. Of those, 24 Agriculture Cooperatives with 3,535 members in 7 provinces  have accessed the loan from VisionFund Cambodia to start up and or expand their cooperative business, such as purchasing fertilizer for rice farming, fuel station set-up, constructing store for distributing agriculture products, etc.