VisionFund Cambodia Loan Improves Lives By Addressing The Hygiene Crisis Through Latrine Program


Touch Leng is a young man of 25 years old who resides in Kandal Province with his wife and parents. As a young boy, his life drastically changed for the worse when a doctor performed a horrific surgery that went wrong, resulting in a permanently damaged leg. Touch Leng can barely make ends meet as a barber and farmer. As a devoted husband and soon to be father, he struggled financially to provide a hygienic environment for his family.

When Leng heard about the new latrine program of VisionFund Cambodia, he had a hope of getting his family access to safe and effective sanitation. He, then, applied and received a $160,000 riels (US$40) loan from VisionFund. Two weeks later, He received his new latrine system and additional financial education and advice.

“Thanks VisionFund for the latrine system” said Leng. The once inconvenient 500-meter walk to the closest human waste hole is now merely a couple of meters outside of the family’s house. Not only is the latrine closer and more convenient to use, most importantly it is hygienically safer.

During the raining season, the human waste flowed into their well which is their water source, causing the water to be contaminated. Latrine system has benefited people in many ways. It also protected human from diseases caused by drinking and using contaminated water.

Touch Leng was so pleased with his latrine system that he recommended his sister, Pin Kim, to also apply for a loan from VisionFund.

Leng’s story is just one out of many lives that have been changed and improved through VisionFund Cambodia’s latrine loan. Today, an average of 24 units of latrines are sold and distributed per week. With latrine loan from VisionFund Cambodia, households can live a more hygienic and a healthier life.