VisionFund’s Loans a hope for the better lives


With her beautiful smile, Hour Thavy said, “I am happy to have received a scholarship through grade 12 from VisionFund. I will study hard. I want to be a doctor”., She is the oldest daughter of one of VisionFund’s Best Clients living in Kompong Cham Province.

After school, Thavy and her sisters happily play games in the care of their grandmother. They eat healthy food, wear proper clothes, and go to school with enough school materials.

Her grandmother says, “As the older sister to twin sisters and a small brother, she takes more roles than most nine year-old girls do. She takes care of her younger brother and sisters well. Sometimes she helps us buy miscellaneous things, clean the house, and wash the dishes. She is our good girl.”

Thavy’s family did not thrive as well when she was first born. Beyond the smiles and laughing today, there used to be suffering in her family. Before meeting VisionFund, the family was very poor. As a baby, Thavy often fell sick due to a lack of nutrients and medical care.

“I felt very sorry that I could not afford to provide enough food, proper clothes and school materials for my children. I spent my income from my construction labor-work, as small as US$2.5 per day, to help my children get over illnesses,” said her father, Mr. Tey Kimhour.

Thavy’s life got better when their Village Chief introduced her parents to VisionFund. Her mother, Mrs. Chheng Saret, said “We were introduced to VisionFund and were taught to use loans for the right purposes. Then, my husband and I decided to get the first loan of US$400 to extend our land to grow mangos.”

The loans made them think of business ideas. They used their second loan of US$150 to buy pigs and build a piggery. At the end of this cycle, they generated a total income of US$450 from raising pigs for 4 months. Now, they raise pigs and cows for sale. From the first loan to the next, their living condition has been improving. They are now living with a much better quality of life.

Mrs. Chheng Saret said, “I thank VisionFund for loans changed my family’s life. We hope for a better life. Our children will go for a higher education, and we will help Thavy achieve her dream.”