Small loan and disable woman


Lim Thaovarith, 51, is one of VisionFund’s clients with disability. She lost her leg to a landmine in Battambang province in 1991, after which her husband left her and her young children, who are now 19 and 11 years old. She has been farming cassava to feed her children.

Since early 2008, Thaovarith has been successful in using loans from VisionFund, which initially stood at US$75 and now at US$270 due to farming improvement. Loan repayment methods fit her seasonal harvest.

“I am very happy because VisionFund offers loan with repayment flexibility and ignores my physical disability,” Thaovarith says. “The loan has enabled me to increase my farmland from one hectare to three hectares. And my family’s livelihood is better. We are now building a new house.”

“I will continue to expand my farming. I wish to see my eldest son to learn and repair mobile phones and my youngest son to be a teacher,” she adds.