My family living condition is getting better after receiving loan from VisionFund.


Srey Ny, 13 years old, with other seven siblings live in Kandal province. Srey Ny is currently studying in grade 6 at Hun Sen primary school in Peam Prochum district which is one kilometer away from her house.

Srey Ny’s father is a fisherman and her mother owns a small grocery store. Before getting the loan from VisionFund, Srey Ny’s family faced a very difficult condition. Without sufficient fishing materials, her father could only get enough fish for their daily consumption. The money her mother earned from the grocery was very little to feed the seven children. There was once when Srey Ny was seriously sick with Dengue fever, which nearly caused her death because there was lack of money for her treatment. Her mother approached everyone in the village to borrow the money.

In 2009 after getting introduced to VisionFund by her villager, Srey Ny’s mother started to access for the loan of 600,000 riels (USD 150) to buy fishing materials and expand her grocery business. With the loan provided she could also support Srey Ny’s brother and sister to start their own businesses selling battery and rolling candy in the village. The extra income helps to support the whole family. Besides spending time at school and doing homework, Srey Ny also helps her mother in the grocery business. As the family income gets better, Srey Ny’s mother was able to pay off the first loan and requested for more loans subsequently.

Her mother said, “After getting the loan from VisionFund, my family’s living condition is getting better and my life has changed a lot. Now we can have three nutritious meals a day with enough meat, vegetable, fruit and especially clean water.”

Srey Ny is studying very hard. She is a good and clever student. She rarely gets to school late and always earns good marks in her exam. Though she is from a poor family, she has never thought of quitting school. She is willing to get a higher education and dreams of becoming a doctor in the future.