The loans from VisionFund fulfilled our dream of a better life


Solina was born to a poor family with no hope of getting a good education. Her mother Tub Tou, was a public school teacher and farmer living in Kampong Chhnang province. Being jobless, her father Long Savon, had to depart from home to join the army in the Cambodian border in Preah Vihear Province. Being the only bread winner in the house, Solina’s mother had to work harder to support the family. Solina, her sister, and her little brother had to spend most of their time helping their mother working in the rice field and other plantations.“My siblings and I never enjoyed our childhood and we didn’t even expect to have any good education because of our poor living condition.” said Lina.

When her mother met VisionFund and received the first loan of $25 in 2003, their hope began.The money was used to buy crops for growing rice, bean, and watermelon farmland. The harvest was very good. They earned about $100 with which they paid off loan and bought more farming materials such as spade and jar. Since then, Solina and her siblings were less involved in the farm work and had more time for school and self-study. Seeing the positive growth in the business from using the loan, Solina has requested for more loans in almost every year. Lately in 2011, Solina’s mother received the ninth loan to expand her plantation which will improve their income.

The profit from the farming has also helped her to in send Solina to attend university in Phnom Penh. Solina has graduated with a bachelor degree. With her good academic results, she obtained a good job as an accountant in a factory which is only 2 kilometer from her home in Kampong Chhnang province. She has now become a good model to other youths in her village. The parents are encouraged to send their children for higher education.

Despite all hard work and condition, my mother was still working hard to send me to higher education. I am really grateful to her for everything I’ve got now. I also want to share my knowledge with my villagers and to testify how we struggled before we can have all our things today. We are thankful to VisionFund for encouraging and supporting us financially. Their loans could fulfill our dream  for better lives.”