VisionFund continues to help a needy woman


Loeng Sokheng is a 31-year-old widow in the rural village of Slaket, Samrong district, Takeo province. She is currently a weaver of traditional clothing, Houl, earning money to support three young children who are still school-aged.

Before 2004, she and her husband lived in Koh Kong province, engaging in odd-jobs. She could save very little as her husband used their income for gambling, causing hardship to the family.

“In Koh Kong, I earned some money, but my husband played snooker and the income was lost. Generally speaking, we were very poor because we simply did odd-jobs,” Sokheng recounts.

The hardship forced the family to move to Takeo province, where the husband gave up his gambling habit and worked harder. In 2004, Sokheng borrowed US$ 100 from VisionFund to supplement her own money to buy a motorbike. Her husband provided “motodop” (a motorbike taxi) services. He could earn over US$ 2.5 a day, in addition to the revenues from rice farming and wages Sokheng received for weaving silk clothes.

The continued business and subsequent loans from VisionFund enabled the family to renovate the house, buy cows, build a toilet and enjoy sufficient food.

Unfortunately and sadly, their better living conditions deteriorated again in 2006 when Sokheng’s husband died in a traffic accident. Her family income began to decrease; however, Sokheng did not surrender to the ordeal. To support her three children, she took a brave decision to start her own business—weaving— by borrowing US$ 175 from VisionFund. She bought a loom to weave silk and process silk fabric. The business can earn her over US$ 2.5 per day, improving the family’s living conditions once more.

“I began weaving. I live a better life than before. I have enough rice to eat, and some pigs,” Sokheng says.

“I’m happy and thankful to VisionFund for offering loans,” she adds. “The organization enables people to do business. Their customer service is so easy. Their staff are friendly; they smile. It is not intimidating to speak with them.”