The loan from VisionFund is like a gift which could bring positive change for our living.


Kit Sochea, 43 years old, is a resident of Banteay Meanchey Province where she lives with her husband and her four children. Sochea and her husband are now running their small business of carving stone statues. Looking back to the years before receiving loans from VisionFund, the couple was living in the wrecked old house with leaking roof and broken walls. ‘I don’t want to think of my past. It was so miserable for us. We worked so hard but we earned very little,’ said Sochea.

The whole family depended solely on her husband’s meager income of only US$2.5 a day earned from doing house construction labor work. At the end of each tiring day, the couple would still need to go fishing for their food which didn’t cost money. Due to the low standard of living, the couple earned extra income by transporting drinking water far from the village. They could earn only 500 riel per (about 10 cents of US dollar) per two containers.

Her fortune turned for the better in 2009 when she met one of the staff of VisionFund. She decided to get her first loan of US$75 to start off a stone statue carving business. This small loan was used to buy materials needed such as carving motor and stones. By her husband’s skill and commitment, Sochea’s business prospered to become the only supplier of carved stone- statues in the village. As Sochea could save up to US$100 per month, she could pay off the first loan before the ending period. Subsequently, more loans were taken to facilitate the needs of her expanding business.

Sochea has now been using the loan for 3 cycles and she was selected as one of VisionFund Best Clients in 2012 for using the loan for the right purpose. Sochea and her family are now living in a new house with enough food to eat, a new motorbike, and proper clothing’s.“I am very happy that now our lives are much better than before. Our children are also able to go to school regularly with full stomach and well dressed. I expect the business to grow bigger by carving more valuable and larger statues. I want to send my children for higher education and I hope that they will work for VisionFund as well.”