An inspiration for a better Education!


Walking to school and back home about one kilometer, is tiring, though this hard working boy does not complain. Meet Makara, who has a love of education!

“VisionFund’s three-year scholarship for my education adds to my strength, and I will study hard for a bright future,” says Makara, a son of a VisionFund client in Kompong Thom Province.

Before meeting VisionFund, Makara’s family was very poor; his parents could hardly provide enough food to more than 10 children with the small income generated by his father’s office work. His oldest brothers and sisters would fish or do construction work for a daily wage to help support the family.

Life had never been easy for Makara. Growing up in a big family with 10 siblings was very hard. This has shaped Makara to be a hard working son. From when he woke up very early in the morning, he would complete many tasks before school started. He first casted his net for fishing during the day, took care of the cabbage, chicken, ducks, and cows on the farm, and cared for his little sister and nephew before getting himself ready for school.

Makara’s hardships became lighter and lighter when VisionFund staff introduced Makara’s parents to VisionFund. The family used the first loan, USD250, to buy oil and fertilizers for rice growing. With the second loan, they bought 2 machines to irrigate water for their rice field. They used the last loan to buy a truck and motorbike to start another business to transport goods.

These loans have helped Makara’s family generate more income from their rice production and other businesses, adding to the basic income of his father’s salary. They could afford enough food, medical care, clothes, education, and other basic needs for their 10 children.

Now, with VisionFund’s Scholarship and loans, Makara is able to go to school with enough school materials, and he doesn’t have to work as much as he did before. He says, “After helping my mother with small household chores, I have enough time for myself to study. I have a lot of good friends at school, and I enjoy my schooling. Now, my vision of going to higher education can become clear. ”

Makara’s mother, Mrs. Jeng Leat., says, “Five of my children are married and three others now own a business. Now only two of my children can go to school. I want them to be doctors. For my business plan, I will run a grocery store myself, and my husband will run a barbershop and motorbike fixing shop. We will save for a bigger house as well. We can do this now because of VisionFund.”