The Tusani Ceramic Water Purifier provides clean drinking water and changes lives of Cambodians


Kunthea Roeun is a hard working farmer growing corn, beans and eggplants. She is a wife of an electrician Sarin aged 56 years old and a mother of two sons, Phearum and Phana. The family resides in Kandal Province where clean drinking water is not accessible. They drank the boiled contaminated water from the river which is two kilometers away from their house.

The situation changed when Konthea Roeun learned about the Ceramic Water Purifier from her neighbor who had received VisionFund Loan for water and sanitation. She decided to get one as well. She purchased the Super Tusani purifier for US$23.50. The dirty water is filtered through the pot 2 to 3.5 liters per hour. Filing the pot twice per day provides about 20 liters of drinking water which is sufficient for 4 to 5 people.

They all enjoy drinking clean water from the purifier because it tastes good and it gives them better health. “We especially enjoy drinking the water from the purifier after playing soccer. We feel that we can breathe better and our health have improved.” said Phearum

“The Ceramic Water Purifier gives changes to my daily living. Now, instead of boiling water four to five times per day, I can spend time working on something else and I don’t need to spend money on the wood anymore.” said Kunthea Roeun

The Super Tusani Ceramic Water Purifier provides instant clean drinking water by filtering out the harmful bacteria and toxins. Without the burning of non-renewable wood and charcoal, the Super Tusani is an environmental friendly product.

Many of her neighbors are interested in purchasing the purifier as well since they too have noticed the difference in water quality. Two of Kunthea’s neighbors, Sous Yon, age 42 and Kuch Sreng, age 63, both are interested in purchasing a water purifier as well. “I have tried the water from the purifier and I enjoy the taste very much. I also see how much time and money Kunthea saves and I also want it for my family as well.” said Sous Yon.