My fishing career has been improved by VisionFund


“I want my children to go for higher education so that they can become a CSO.” said Khun Yan

 Khun yan, 31, and her husband Nai Sokny, 30, are farmers and fishermen living with 2 children, 2 sisters and a mother in Kandal Province. They lived in a small shelter with leaking walls. The couple spends the rest of the day on fishing because it was time consuming to fish on a small boat. “We hardly have sufficient food. We could not afford to eat the fish that we caught; we sell them for rice. My children was absent from school very often because I could not afford their school fees.” Said Khun.

In 2010, after hearing about VisionFund from her neighbors, she decided to get a small loan of USD125. She used the loan to buy a new boat and fishing equipment. Her fishing career, then, was growing well. She also grew rice during the dry season on half hectare of land. The harvest was enough to feed her family for 10 months.

Because of the improvement in the family after receiving her first loan, she decided to access for second loan in 2011. She used the loan to buy boat’s motor, rice seed and to repair the leaking house. The second loan helped to increase her savings more than before and her family was positively impacted in many ways.

“The loans dramatically change my family’s condition. We have three meals of nutritious food, a good house, television, battery and a sustainable career. My children are able to go to school regularly”

Khun Yan foresees her future positively. Adding to her current business, she wishes to be a middleman buying fish from the locals to sell in the market.

“VisionFund gives us hope and makes our life better. Thank you VisionFund.”