Srey Nih

“I enjoy going to school. I love being with my friends. I wish I could go to university,” said Srey Nih.

Srey Nih is only 15 years old and in grade 9, but has already experienced a tough childhood seeing her father die because of HIV and also living with a mother who is now HIV positive. 

VisionFund can provide special care to HIV-positive clients by providing special interest rates to every loan Srey Nih’s family took. Additionally, VisionFund will continue to provide an education scholarship to Srey Nih throughout grade 12.

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Phanut and her Brother, Lenhung 


Phanut And Her Brother, Lenhung

Phanut and Lenhung are the children of one of VisionFund’s successful clients in Battambang Province, who used their first loan of $400 to grow their businesses. Before receiving the loan, they only managed to raise a few pigs and grow just enough rice to feed their family. Now, they can earn more money from their various businesses, with the help of a rice miller machine, bigger concrete house, more rice fields, and farmland.

Loans help to prolong businesses and help them grow. Additonally, these loans have a domino effect on the lives of their children. Because of loans from Visionfund, children like Phanut and Lenhung have the chance to live up to their potential with better access to education, improved health care, better nutrition, and the provision of clothes and study materials to support their objectives.

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